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Wife. Mom. Boss. Just a girl trying to survive "Boy Mom" Life. The good, the bad & the "oh fuck” thrown my way. 2016 is where it all started... my first Burn! Yes, IT WAS AMAZING!
The planning was an absolute trip. So much fun figuring out outfits, and the accessories... I just loved it. But what I was looking for I couldn’t find; and with that, The Carly Morgan came to be. I created my first crown, sequin skull bandana, captain and marching band hats for Burning Man that year; and then never stopped.
I used to be apart of the corporate world, in the finance industry and it sucked. I was in finance for 11 years, totally miserable. Don’t get me wrong, the money was great but, does that make happiness? No. In 2018, our company was bought out and as a result, they laid people off. I was one of them.
It was the best thing that happened to me. I’ve been able to spend more time with my two boys, Knox 7 and Lennox 5. Been able to dream a little bigger and pursue what I really enjoyed, design and craft; and I’ve been lucky enough to make this my full-time career of making festival hats, skull bandannas and crowns. A BIG shout out to my husband for all of his love and support in my new adventure.
To all of you, your support made this happen and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
The Carly Morgan
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